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"Content was excellent."  ~ Sandy E. (Canal Fulton, Ohio school psychologist)

"Organized.  Involved attendees to participate and ask questions.  Good use of videos.  Impactful, real life stories.    ~ Mark C (Cleveland, Ohio school counselor)

"This was my favorite sectional of the day."  ~ Anonymous (Madison, WI - School Counselor Assoc Conference)

 "Best sectional all day.  Thank you for coming!"  ~ Anonymous (Madison, WI - School Counselor Assoc Conference)

“Beth put together I believe, an excellent display and tied the materials we received to her visual presentation in a very clean and descriptive way. I found her teaching methods to be excellent.”    ~ Joseph Tufano (Portland, ME - Senior Consultant)

“I found all the content material to be very relevant and well thought out.  The use of breakout sessions was used in a very well-orchestrated manner.  Very effective.” ~ Anonymous (BerryDunn Writing Workshop)

“The instructor was very interesting and clearly had experience and enthusiasm for her subject.” ~ Anonymous (BerryDunn Writing Workshop)

What Past Class Members Have Said