Training Approach

1.  ProBiz will meet via Skype or telephone with the client to discuss logistics, goals, and expectations. At the conclusion of the meeting, suggestions will be made as to the best type of service plan for the client.  For web-based training, the client will be given a code to enter the training site and can access the purchased courses at his or her convenience.

2.  For live, instructor-led training, ProBiz will custom-create course(s) featuring content specific to the client's needs, branded to the client logo and colors, if desired. Off-the-shelf courses are also available.  All course design will conform to adult learning theory, presenting information in all four learning modes:  visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic.  All curricula will include interactive elements such as games, role plays, and case studies, designed to illustrate key topics and to keep learners engaged and focused on the topic at hand.

3.  All training materials will be forwarded to the client for review at least two weeks prior to the first scheduled presentation of each workshop.  One round of editing is included in pricing.

4.  ProBiz will provide all labor, equipment, and materials to teach the course(s), generally suitable for adult students with a high school education, but no particular knowledge of the topic.  Workshops are generally held at client-owned sites, although other arrangements can be made.  ProBiz will provide a laptop computer, speakers, and an LED projector to enable presentation of A/V materials by the instructor.  ProBiz will provide all course materials for participants, including handouts, reference materials, and assessments.  ProBiz requests that each client provide one pad of flip chart paper and and easel for each workshop.  If a blank wall is not available for projection, ProBiz asks that a projection screen or white board be provided by the client.

5.  At the conclusion of each course, every participant is asked to complete an evaluation survey designed and provided by ProBiz.  Attendance sheets and a summary of the evaluation surveys will be forwarded via email to the client's designee, to be received no later than the fifth working day following the workshop.

6.  Evaluation surveys from each workshop are used to guide continuous improvement for each future course.

7.  Every participant will be given a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each course.

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